What are those Tea-Drinking Witches doing now?

Aug 22

Call of the Goddess Festival 8/22/2021

We've been in the planning stages for this one since August! Call of the Goddess Festival is about channeling the divine feminine within, harnessing that power, & using to emerge as your best self. This is an outdoor festival with vendors, readers, healers, & exciting presentations throughout the park. Windiate Park is off Saginaw St in Flint, across from Diplomat Pharmacy's HQ. Witches Tea Flint is a proud park adopter with Genesee County Parks & Rec's Keep Genesee County Beautiful.

10:00am - 7:00pm EDT

Windiate Park, Flint

Past events

Nov 7

Spilling the Tea Weekly Podcast

Spilling the tea is a weekly broadcast about all things tea and our tea creations in our Etsy store and website Like and Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @witchesteaflint, Favorite our store on Etsy at and check out all our upcoming events in the Greater Flint area.

9:00pm - 9:30pm EST

Anywhere you listen to podcasts

Nov 3

Magickal Musings Weekly Podcast

What days are best for candle workings? How do you work with moon goddesses? Why is Wednesday called Woden’s Day? How do I align my root, sacral, and other chakras? Your witchy questions answered to help you make every day magical.

5:00pm - 5:15pm EST

Anywhere you listen to podcasts

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