Witches Tea Flint was formed August 1st, 2018. Since that date we have had more events than we can count celebrating community and donating to charitable organizations in the Flint area.  It is our mission to bring awareness to the Witch and Pagan community of Flint and shine a light on the collective good we all can do when we work together. 

Thank you for stopping by. We appreciate you so much. We would offer you some tea, like a proper tea-drinking witch, but you are there and we are here. You can, however, purchase the tea we make in our store!  Sweetener is optional.

We have been creating magical and metaphysical items for many years, under a few different names.  During this last retrograde, Tea Witch Creations came to us. There was a beautiful meditation (ok several absolutely brutal b*tchslaps from the Universe) about the direction to take the things we create and here we are! 

It gives us great joy to be in such a beautifully creative space on Etsy.  In doing fairs & festivals the last 3 years, one thing became apparent... step up your game. Even in the last 2 years on Etsy, that became evident.  Etsy and being in a creative space with like-minded people challenges a person in ways you can never imagined. If ever there was a site that pushes you to not only create more, but to display and promote better, Etsy is it.

Our founder, Davonna, has been a part of the metaphysical and magical community for well over 10 years. She creates her items mindfully as to put the right energy into every project. If she can't put my whole heart into something, she sees that as Spirit has not blessed that path.  With a majority of our items, including candles, she uses music and trance to create and enhance their magic. So if our items seem to "sing" to you, you'll know why. Nothing is created without a musical selection that fits the theme, even if it is instrumental. You can go a long way with some Jazz.

Feel free to send a message with any questions and follow the Tea Drinking Witches of Flint (Thank you, WildHunt.org for that moniker) on all of our Socials to keep updated on what's next! 

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